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Becoming a real estate agent is something over 14,000 people in America Google every month, as they dream of joining the already 2 million licensed real estate agents in the U.S. and help people buy and sell their homes with the best experience. Not mentioning the fact that, real estate can be a highly rewarding field for those with the right knowledge on how to handle things. Becoming a qualified real estate agent is a combination of acquiring the right knowledge, finding an established broker to help you get your first clients, national licensing exams and passing state.

Read further to find out more details on how to be a qualified real estate agent:

  • Get Educated: Every state has its pre-licensing courses and you must take those courses in your state. However, requirements for these courses highly differ according to state. Some states require three college-level courses while others might need just two courses making over 90 hours. You should contact your state’s requirement for licensing.
  • Take exams: You can get more information concerning this from your state real estate commission website. You can learn how to sign up and take a licensing The exam is mostly outsourced to third-party testing centers. Licensing exams are generally divided into two sections, the first one is on federal housing and the second on state-specific laws. Both sections typically consist of over 100 multiple choice questions, including math for the use of a calculator.
  • Choose a Brokerage: Every real estate agent or broker has an agency that covers them known as a real estate brokerage. Since a real estate agent needs a broker in order to practice working as an agent, you’ll need to contact a broker before graduating from your training course. Brokers have at least 3 years of real estate training and can guide you through by answering questions when it comes during your active service on the field.
  • Get Licensed: In order to qualify for a real estate license require the validation of state and national exams. More to that, you may need a criminal background check.

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